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Interior Designer: Kaylyn Luck

Having been in the interior design business for well over 20 years now, I have seen my share of homes in need of TLC and met a wide variety of interesting people from all over the world.

When I first started out in this business I found that most professional designers made very good money which I thought was obviously due to their talents. However quite early on I learned their level of design talent was not really the reason they were making heaps, rather it was due to their willingness to take advantage of clients who sought their help in order to create an interior that they themselves did not know how to, and or did not have the time to set into motion.

Interior Design

Thru the years I have entered into many homes where the owners have said “We had the interior done by a professional designer” which was then usually followed by “It cost us a fortune” or “You don’t even want to know how much we paid for this”! It still makes me cringe every time.

Interior Designer

Many times I have walked into a clients home to find that the interior style was nothing like the personality of the owner, and most times the home was over fussy, overdone, and filled with many overpriced and in many cases unnecessary expensive items.

That is where we at POSHPADZ can help make your decision to buy your fabulous new home in paradise a pleasant experience!

I honed my skills in listening to a client’s ideas and thoughts about their home; I shared my thoughts honestly with them when they asked for my advice, I spent as much time as needed to really understand what their needs and desires were so that I could help them realize their dreams thru my design skills, and made it a point to ensure their design budget would be a realistic one that was in line with what they could really afford.

From start to finish I like to keep things simple. No pomp, no overcomplicated design boards, no over inflated design budget, and I definitely steer away from the word “custom” as in the professional designer world this usually means ”VERY, VERY ,EXPENSIVE”!

Unless a client specifically requests an item to be “custom made”, or in instances where it may be the only option for a space, then I will always do my very best to get you that “custom” requirement at the most reasonable price possible.

I take great pride in this challenge, and always work with others in the field that can deliver my “special design” request to my clients exactly as specified, on time and in line with my client’s budgetary guidelines.

Most designers buy interior furnishings and home products at a special wholesale price and then charge you the client a predetermined uncharged retail amount. This means simply that they can buy a sofa for say $1000 wholesale and then choose to charge you a set retail price of$2,000 or $5,000 or even $10,000! I have seen it all, and believe me it happens all the time and you the client never has a clue as this little detail is never pointed out, you only get the designers invoice with their set retail price that they have chosen to charge you.

I on the other hand chose to be up front with what an item costs me and then add a very reasonable set percentage on that figure which is discussed with my clients and always pointed at up front, leaving no hidden surprises for my clients.

My design fee’s have always been kept simple and reasonable and I have never really advertised my services in all the years I have been a designer as most of my clients’ have all come to me thru client satisfaction, referrals and word of mouth.

Honesty, integrity and respect have been the cornerstones of my success to date and client satisfaction is worth far more to me than mountains of money. So perhaps by choosing to not be a “typical designer” I may never be able to afford a dream castle overlooking the ocean, however thru creative design you can be sure that my home will be my castle no matter where it is!

As founder of POSHPADZ Luxury Interiors, I ensure that each and every potential client receives the very best in service and I take great pride in working together with you to bring all your design dreams to life.

POSHPADZ Luxury Interiors specializes in residential, commercial and hospitality designs globally.

We make homeowners feel at home by personalized design always keeping your needs in mind. We can create or enhance your company’s work environment and productivity with a stylish new image. We can increase profitability and ensure your rental properties gain more bookings by specialized hospitality interiors and amenities that will ensure your potential guests always feel warm and welcomed from the moment they first see your property on the internet.

Whether your needs are for your very own personal home, your company offices or if you are a rental property owner looking to add value to your investment and increase your income, we at POSHPADZ Luxury Interiors are here to help.

Our motto here at POSHPADZ Luxury Interiors is “Anything is POSHIBLE”.

We look forward to listening to your ideas, realizing your visions and exceeding your expectations!

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We had to write a note how POSHPADZ have transformed our house and even rented it when we were away. The interior design is now beautiful and we have no hassle from renters, everything is dealt with. As they tell me we just look at our bank statement and that is awesome.
John & Stef
5/8/2016 8:56:58 AM

WE have stayed in 3 POSHPADZ now and wanted to compliment Kaylyn on her wonderful interior designs. Not only does it look great but very practical as well. Jul 2010
Cathy NY
8/21/2010 6:42:23 PM

I cannot adequately express how pleased I am with your redesigning my condo and transforming it from a modest pad into a POSHPADZ all within a matter of a couple weeks. Your vision, work ethic and your unyielding desire to find the right furniture and accessories to create a luxurious interior at the right price sets you apart from anyone else! I also was very impressed with your constant communication and ability to outline a budget and stay within that budget.One of the best decisions I have made in a long time was entrusting you with your interior design skills. I look forward to purchasing another property in Florida and have you work your magic once again!
Mike C New Jersey
12/24/2009 3:48:24 PM

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