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Congratulations! You have just found the most simple and easy to use vacation rental site on the web today! Value and quality is only a few clicks away.

At POSHPADZ we know in today's world that time, available cash and hectic lifestyles can affect the way we choose your travel dates and accommodation choices.

When we came up with the concept of POSHPADZ we knew that to be the very best, we had to be different.


How are we different?

We aim to be the only vacation rental site that reduces search time, stress and worry often involved in booking a holiday property. The POSHPADZ website is a great place to start!


We wanted to be able to ensure that each and every property listed on our site is actually the best of the best, leaving you with the confidence that no matter which POSHPADZ property you book in any part of the world, it will not only live up to your every expectation, but exceed it.

Each POSHPADZ Luxury Vacation Rental must adhere to very strict standards and offer excellent value, coupled with the highest levels of luxury and personalized service in order to be accepted on our web-site. We personally verify each property and ensure our standards are being followed before it can be accepted and go live.

When a property is certified as a true POSHPADZ, it ensures that you, the guest, will be able to book with confidence on our site time after time and will always get a 5 star luxury property guaranteeing the very best in luxury, location and service!


Searching the internet means spending countless hours sorting thru the endless supply of vacation rentals available; trying to get the very best rate possible whilst at the same time really hoping to get a lovely place to spend our precious vacation moments. Not always an easy task!

"Which one should I choose"?
"How do I know which property is really the best of the best?"
“When I arrive will it be the same as the pictures on the internet?”

You can now book with confidence and be certain that POSHPADZ has reviewed each and every property for quality and authenticity.

It is our job to reduce the time you spend searching and give you the tools to create lasting memories for you and your family.

Do not settle for less you only have a limited number of vacations in a lifetime!
Thank you for visiting us.

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